Invitation to Live

In Lloyd Douglas’ “Invitation to Live” he brought to life the idea that we have a responsibility to the lives around us. In the “Wrinkle in Time” series, Madeline L’Engle addresses the concept of naming. We bring to power the things that we think/say about other people. People tend to live up or down to how we expect that they will.

We live in a world where society is programmed to tear us down. Everything screams at you that you are not enough. You’re not pretty enough, thin enough, sexy enough, successful enough, good enough, tough enough, brave enough and so on.

We all know that we just have to listen to that voice inside that knows the truth, WE ARE ENOUGH. But, it does get lost in all the noise. We rely then on the voices of our friends and family. People that know and love us. We count on those voices to remind us of who we are.

Don’t be silent. Tell your friends, tell your family. Remind them of the good that they are to you. Tell them of all the ways they are enough, and more than enough. Remind them of the beauty that lies within. Because, we all get lost in the voices that want to tear us down, we all need to hear the truth from those around us. Be that voice. Find the good, and tell each other. It matters.

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