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Loved & Trusted By My Clients

Sometimes, in life, we come across seasons where it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. For my clients and friends, in these seasons of fear and hurt, I was able to help guide them toward healing. Building up the people around me has been a constant in my life, something that is very near and dear to my heart.

My passion and mission are to help you live a life of purpose, without regrets, and full of happiness. Below, you will find heartfelt testimonials from the lives I touched in their journey to recovery.

Client Testimonials

“I have known and been friends with Rebekkah Edlund for about 7 years. I have always known her as one of the nicest and kindest souls of anyone I know. As our friendship grew I began to see that Rebekkah had certain gifts and personality traits that truly set her apart from other people. I began to see her kindness to everyone, her generosity by constantly volunteering for community service, and most profoundly, her patience when navigating life’s difficulties and consistently holding her head up during the hard times. These have always been admirable traits in Rebekkah that don’t go unnoticed.  The year of 2020 has been quite a challenge for most of the world. It was especially difficult for me during the spring. Between February and April, my best friend had died of a heart attack in my arms, my wife left me to have an affair and never returned, I lost my job in entertainment due to COVID-19, broke my foot in a skating accident, and became ill with COVID myself. I was fortunate to recover. During this time I was very dependent on alcohol and I was depressed and my thoughts were consumed with ending my own life. Like most Americans, I don’t have health insurance or access to proper medical or mental health care. When I was about ready to give up, I called Rebekkah and I am glad that I did. As a friend, she listened to me grieve, which is a special skill in itself. The ability to listen and offer true empathy and sympathy for tragedy to friends for hours a day I know was a challenge for her as I know I am a difficult person at times. But through daily phone calls and constant follow ups and the encouragement to seek treatment for excessive drinking and counseling for grief, I slowly came to the realization that if Rebekkah believed in me, that I should give myself a chance and not quit. She was the guidance that led me to the professional help that I needed to get my life back on track. I began to attend self help meetings, attend therapy, and prioritize my own self care. The following months were not easy. But it was always Rebekkah that kept me holding on during my darkest times. Today I do not have thoughts of ending my life. Today I am not depressed. Today I see a brighter future than I could have ever imagined as possible during the Spring. I thought my case was hopeless and Rebekkah was the friend that helped me see that there was hope and that I was worth it. She inspired me to get my own help by listening patiently and making suggestions along the way that worked. I credit Rebekkah Edlund with seeing me through one of the most difficult seasons of my entire life. I truly recommend her as a life coach who has the empathy, intuition, patience, and understanding to help even the most difficult cases (like myself) to work through their problems and situations. She showed me that I should believe in myself again. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

Jason A. (39 years old)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Rebekkah for more than 20 years. She is one of those rare jewels, the type of person that recognizes and follows her calling. She has demonstrated her gift of listening, understanding, and self-discovery from her many friendships and acquaintances.
Within her coaching style there are opportunities that she can help you take a step back and offer a neutral perspective; through questions that are self-guided. I believe that for anyone who is looking for a guide or life coach she would be the best fit for you.
It is extremely difficult to find a safe space in which you are not judged as you work through discovering your true self, and this is something she provides every day.
I am so glad to have been connected with Rebekkah so early in life.”

Tiffany E. Garlick

“The Barefoot Life Coach helped shift my ideas about my life and my future in ways I never expected. She listens not just to what you are saying, but what you don’t know you need to. Rebekkah helped me question myself and my fears in ways that released me to think of new paths towards peace and happiness. Sometimes examining yourself and your life is pretty uncomfortable, but Rebekkah gives you both a safe space in which to do so and a safe partner to help guide you through it. The best thing about the Barefoot Life Coach is that you know, without a doubt, even when you doubt yourself, she believes 100% in you and your potential. That’s powerful.”

Evie C.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Rebekkah since 2005 when she was one of my employees. When I left the restaurant industry, I had the honor of calling her my friend. Rebekkah has always been the one that everyone turns to when they need to talk, need to vent, or need a shoulder to cry on. The special thing about Rebekkah is that you always felt comfortable no matter the situation. She listens with no judgement, but a caring ear. I know I can always turn to her and count on her no matter the situation.
She has always been trustworthy, punctual, approachable and very hardworking in the business setting. As my friend, she has been all these things and more. She leaves no stone unturned until she discovers the truth. I trust her with my life, my children, and my deepest secrets. She has helped me try new things and step outside my comfort zones. My life is better because of her!”

Annette V.

Feeling Touched By Testimonials?

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