Rebekkah Edlund, Life Coach and now Author!

The Happiness Quest book was published in December of 2023 and written with the sole desire of helping people understand the fundamentals of happiness and how to go about finding their own.

It can be purchased at all major retailers, but also, it can be found locally at A Novel Escape in Franklin NC, Narrative Books and Records in Murphy NC, and Book Bound Bookstore in Blairsville, GA.

Rebekkah's Novel

The Happiness Quest

34-year-old Willa is a successful hairstylist in Orlando with great friends, a supportive mother, and a lovely home. Everything is fine in her life, but for her, fine doesn’t seem like enough. She feels caught in the clutches of the routine. Something needs to change, so she embarks on an adventure to clear her mind and learn how to live a life that is truly happy. 

Can happily ever after exist in the real world? Or is it something only for movies and fairy tales?

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Rebekkah Edlund

In her own quest for happiness, Rebekkah decided it was time to focus on her passion for helping others. In 2020 she received her certification as a Life Coach and to further embrace her love of writing, wrote her first novel combining elements from her new career. She has made it her mission to guide others through turmoil and create a life full of happiness. Her first novel, The Happiness Quest, took 3 years from start to publication. The aftermath of 2020 proved to be a great period of time to put her own happiness to the test, and her novel came out better for it. So many people say that happiness is fleeting, it’s merely an emotion. But, what if at it’s core, it’s based in something deeper, something easily accessible and always present? The answer is love. Sign up for a coaching session, read The Happiness Quest, or connect on social media to explore this further.

Where is she now? Who knows, it changes with the wind!

I’ve discovered that love changes everything. I’m not referring to a romantic love, necessarily, but a life lived where relationships with people (friends and strangers!) is paramount. A life where you express love for yourself, for other people, for animals, plants, and the planet, is the life where happiness is never far from grasp.
It’s when we have no outlet that we feel stunted and unhappy. But you can change that! Let’s change the world together!

Rebekkah Edlund

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