Invitation to Live

In Lloyd Douglas’ “Invitation to Live” he brought to life the idea that we have a responsibility to the lives around us. In the “Wrinkle in Time” series, Madeline L’Engle addresses the concept of naming. We bring to power the things that we think/say about other people. People tend to live up or down to … Read moreInvitation to Live

Escape the Mundane

So many of our days are the same. We get up eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, come home, make dinner, watch tv, go to bed. Rinse and repeat. If you have kids, add their schedules to the mix, and it’s exhausting. There never feels like there’s enough time in the day. It’s so … Read moreEscape the Mundane


Her heart was beating too fast. Her breathing was too quick and shallow. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. The words just repeated themselves over and over in her mind. She made her way to the breakroom. Thankfully no one was there. She sat on the floor in the corner, hugging her knees to her … Read moreAnxiety

Love Languages Part 2

Why do you emphasize speaking your own love language to yourself? Because it’s so important! We all want other people to fill us up, especially when we aren’t feeling loved or cared for. We look to a partner, a family member, a friend, or even a tinder match to make us feel at least a … Read moreLove Languages Part 2

Love Languages

Gary Chapman wrote a bestselling book in which he details the 5 most common love languages. He names them Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, and Gifts. If you don’t know yours, there’s quizzes online that you can take to figure it out. Quality TimeI feel the most loved when I … Read moreLove Languages