Book Signing

My first book signing for The Happiness Quest is tomorrow! I’m not expecting much because I’m new to this area and don’t have a community built up. But it will be a great experience, and I can’t wait to share my book with a few of the local people who happen to stop in to see me.

I have gotten several great reviews from the people who have read it so far telling me that it is a light but thought provoking read. Other people have said that it’s changed their mindsets and helped them grow as a person. I love that!

For me when I was growing up, the most influential books in my life were ones that were fiction but opened my eyes to different viewpoints and taught a lesson at the same time. I need examples and scenarios to retain information the best. So that’s what I tried to do in this book. I wanted to cover as many examples as I could, from all different walks of life, so that hopefully something in the story would resonate with you, my reader.

My next book is already started and it tells the story of one of the other characters in The Happiness Quest. It will dive further into the results of Willa’s quest as a companion story. I can’t wait to hear what you all think of it! Happy reading to you, and a happy book signing to me!

The book signing is at Book Bound Bookstore in Blairsville GA from 1pm-3pm January 27th.

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