Nature can be calming. Immersing in the beauty of the world around us. Stretching ourselves further than we have before. Listening to the rhythms of the life around us, settling in, matching our breath, matching our speed. It slows us down, quiets our minds.

I lived out in Oregon for a few months in the summer of 2023, working at a bed and breakfast nestled in the middle of the Willamette National Forest. Free days were spent walking along the river bank, finding trails and exploring the views. Stopping to take pictures definitely was key for me to step out of any anxiety that was threatening to overwhelm me. It made me focus on the moment that I was in, and revel in the beauty that I was seeing.
Other times, I would string up my hammock and close my eyes, this time taking in all I could hear. What was in the silence of the forest? The scurry of a chipmunk, the flight and songs of birds, the rushing of the water in the nearby river… Such beauty in the sounds. Once again, taking me directly into the appreciation of the moment.

When life and all it’s worries creep up on you, go outside. Be in nature. It will change everything.

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