The Happiness Quest book

So, when I first completed my life coaching certification, I knew that I was going to need my own material. My own mantras and code put out into the world. I’d written a lot as a high school student, everything from creative writing to editorials for small magazines. I’d always thought one day that I would write a book, so when I started my coaching service, I decided it was finally time.

The Happiness Quest is a story curated from my imagination but based on real conversations, real circumstances, and real things that I’ve learned over the years.

Writing this book has definitely helped me process my own thoughts and put into words the feelings and imagery that my soul has felt for so long.

My hope is that with this book, you will be entertained, but finish it with inspiration for your own life.

You can find The Happiness Quest by me, Rebekkah Edlund on

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