Love Languages Part 2

Why do you emphasize speaking your own love language to yourself?

Because it’s so important! We all want other people to fill us up, especially when we aren’t feeling loved or cared for. We look to a partner, a family member, a friend, or even a tinder match to make us feel at least a moment of love, or even just a dopamine hit. But what if it isn’t possible? What if they’re not in a headspace to be able to be there for you? What if they’re miles away and it’s impossible to get what you need?
But not only that! Your mental health will be so much better if you learn how to speak your own love languages to yourself. In the previous post I described some examples, but let’s take it a step further.

In my book The Happiness Quest I have the heroine meet a bunch of people who tell her what their version of happiness is. She eventually takes everything she has learned and creates her own, but one of the most vital things that she does, in my opinion, is learn how the simple moments can create a lasting happiness.

When we learn to speak our own love languages to ourselves we open a door that allows us to self soothe, it allows us to find a peace within ourselves instead of being reliant on other people. No one will ever be able to be everything that we need.

What is your love language and how can you be speaking it to yourself? Need help? Book a session! I’d be glad to work with you on this. 407-917-5592

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